Cheat sheet

tmux new
tmux new-session

Start a new session

tmux new -s mysession
new -s mysession

Start a new session with the name mysession

tmux kill-ses -t mysession
tmux kill-session -t mysession

kill/delete session mysession

tmux kill-session -a

kill/delete all sessions but the current

tmux kill-session -a -t mysession

kill/delete all sessions but mysession

Ctrl + b $

Rename session

Ctrl + b d

Detach from session

attach -d

Detach others on the session (Maximize window by detach other clients)

tmux ls
tmux list-sessions
Ctrl + b s

Show all sessions

tmux a
tmux at
tmux attach
tmux attach-session

Attach to last session

tmux a -t mysession
tmux at -t mysession
tmux attach -t mysession
tmux attach-session -t mysession

Attach to a session with the name mysession

Ctrl + b (

Move to previous session

Ctrl + b )

Move to next session