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Important settings

1 - Change resolution:

Go to ​OpenCore-Catalina and find for 

cd OSX-KVM/OpenCore-Catalina
grep 1920 *

Change resolutions to something like


Finally, change at Mac OS the resolution to what you want.


2 - Avoid freezing after a while when inactive

2.1 - Disable Screensaver

2.2 - At System Preferences, go to Energy Saver and set it to never Turn Off display. Then make sure you have enabled only the option: "Preventing the computer from sleeping ....."


3 - Super Key (Windows key) not behaving as mac Command key.

At qemu window, click on View, then enable "Grab On Hover"


4 - Create Snapshot

qemu-img create -F qcow2 -b mac_hdd_ng.img mac_hdd_ng_1.img

Update to call the new img file